In a market full of technical & fundamental theories around trading, most traders believe that they can find a perfect one for themselves which will ensure success every time. In reality, no such thing exists.

Being a trader myself and being surrounded by most of them over the years, I have come across some very interesting reasons of why only 10% of the traders profit in these markets. The remaining 90% traders lose not because all of them are technically backwards or they haven’t studied hard to be good traders, in fact I personally know some of them who are really good in technical knowledge but eventually they lose money.

Trading actually is a three point approach like a three legged table.

1. METHOD                            2. MONEY MANAGEMENT                            3. MIND

These three approaches need to be followed consistently to be a successful trader. Ignorance or overlooking of any one aspect will make a trade fail like a fall of the table with one leg broken.

If a trader has no method or a proper trading system which he follows in a disciplined manner he is bound to lose his capital sooner or later.

Like wise Money Management plays an equally important role in trading. Taking unnecessary extra leverage and not putting the stop loss orders results in vanishing of trading funds.

MIND plays the most important role in deciding the outcome of a trade. The two enemies of any trader i.e. GREED and FEAR are actually outcome of this Mind only.

In our seminars and coaching classes apart from the PROFITABLE TRADING TRICKS, we teach our trader friends the tricks to outsmart this MALICIOUS MIND and how to make it your best friend while trading.  

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