A short description of what you will be able to do after the completion of the course :

Once you learn this technique, you will be a new born trader who has the potential of making real money consistently in day trading.You will not need any tips or call provider or advisory services to provide you calls and thus can save huge amount of your capital which you have been paying them.To be a successful day trader, you won’t need any prior knowledge of technical charts, indicators or fundamental awareness. This magical secret formula works as a stand-alone trading strategy which is as effective as the candlestick patterns or indicators like RSI, Stochastic, MACD, Gann square, Eliot wave, Moving Averages etc. or sometimes more effective. Thus you will save a lot of time and energy which you would have spent on learning those conventional indicators.

Day trading they say is risky form of trading, but we beg to differ.

Is it really risky? Well, the answer to this age old question depends on who you ask !

With the help of long, tedious research our mentor and market educator Mr Rajeev Gulati has been able to reveal the hidden secret of successful day trading which is being used for long time back by most professional traders and financial institutions to grow their funds and portfolios.

In the charts and illustrations below, it will be established clearly that why and how this secret magical levels work for your profits. Let’s have a look :




The above figure is of Infosys futures chart dated 15/03/2017. Much to the surprise of our students and followers, INFY gave the pre-calculated desired level of selling just after 15 minutes of the market opening and then the obvious and most pleasant thing happened – INFY fell like a deck of cards after breaking our magical level without reversal of a single point. Once again the magical levels followers and our students booked profit of 8 points or Rs 4000 per lot of INFOSYS FUTURES without seeing any charts and without using any indicator.

The above chart of PNB FUTURES on 03/02/2017 is another classic example of how our magical levels work in the direction of uptrend and how the levels respect the stop loss levels to give us profits no matter what happens in the market. This day of February gave the profit of Rs 12600 per lot of the stock to the level followers and students.

The above chart of Silver dated 27/03/2017 shows how well defined are the levels of this magical secret trick and how good they are in giving the results in commodity markets too, apart from stocks. Traders bought Silver on this day and booked decent profit of 150 points flat. And again this was possible without any use of charts or indicators.



The above chart of Bank Nifty dated 28/02/2017 clearly shows how our Magical levels can surpass the candlestick indications and even the long trusted RSI indicator in profits. Conventional traders who might have bought Bank Nifty by following the candle shapes and patterns and confirming the trade with RSI too could have made a huge loss. But our students and course followers didn’t do anything like this. Rather they booked a cool profit of 96 points on the same day, without using any chart or indicators. The day was just another wonderful example of how our students profit from the markets without any knowledge of technical studies.

The figure above is a candle stick chart of Bharti Airtel futures for 21/02/2017. The stock movement on this day is a classic example of how conventional traders booked losses after the stock price made a spike at around 2 pm. The stock opened gap down from the previous day’s close and candle stick patterns as well as moving averages crossovers indicated a clear sell in the stock. But the result was not as expected. You will be surprised to know that on the very same day, our students and followers booked the profit of Rs 9.30 per lot of the stock which is exactly a sum of Rs 15810 per lot. This is how the magical levels work when our formula goes against the trend before going with it.

The above chart is of Gold dated 27th MAR-2017 wherein we can easily see how we can make profits in commodity markets by going against the trend before going with the trend. This kind of rare opportunities can be found very accurately only through the magical levels which we teach to amateur and experienced traders to become successful traders regardless of the market conditions.

Above crude oil charts is another example of making profits while going against the short trend. On 31st march-17, when crude oil traders were confused over the next move and were waiting for the definite direction, our followers and traders bought from the pre-determined level and booked a nice profit.

This Calculator is used to calculate pivot points i.e. daily supports and resistance levels for any financial instruments like currency, futures, cash, commodities, options and any other

investment security that has a high, low and close price in any time period.